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SOS Rhino : In the News : Archived News : December 2000

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  December, 2000

N.C. Zoo helps in rhino rescue
News & Record (Greensboro, N.C.), December 24, 2000

Man who didn't declare horns faces prison
Chicago Sun-Times, December 22, 2000

Clyde, rare black rhinoceros, dies at advanced age of 49
Columbus Dispatch, December 19, 2000

Rare rhino dies at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Associated Press, December 18, 2000

A primer: white rhinos
Fort Worth Star-Telegram, December 12, 2000

A trip along the Zambezi River offers glimpse of endangered black rhino
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 11, 2000

Glimpse rhinos in the mist in Indian nature preserve
Copley News Service, December 11, 2000

Home to the world's highest mountains, Nepal also guards rare rhinoceros, leopard and tiger in its valleys
The Sunday Telegraph (London), December 10, 2000

Columbus Zoo helping effort to protect endangered rhinos
The Columbus Dispatch, December 7, 2000

On the road to high adventure
New Straits Times Press, December 2, 2000

Increasing Rhinos
World Wildlife Fund Press Release, December 1, 2000



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