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SOS Rhino : In the News : Zoo celebrates white rhino birth

Zoo celebrates white rhino birth

  Updated 08 January 2004, 15.00

The newest arrival at Marwell Zoo has been showing off for the camera.

He's a white rhino called Shaka and he was born in the early hours of New Year's Eve at the park in Winchester. He weighed in at 40kg.

His proud parents are 17-year-old Sula and 20-year-old Hannu. Shaka was born after a 16-month pregnancy.

White rhinos are an endangered species because their horns are so valuable to poachers. On the illegal market, the horns are worth as much as gold.

Shaka, whose name means 'king', is the first rhino to be born at Marwell since 1999.

Happy baby

"The birth took place in the early hours and keepers arrived to find the baby happily with mum," said a zoo spokesman.

Shaka might be quite small at the moment, but he'll weigh a whopping 2,300kg when fully grown.