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SOS Rhino : In the News : Raleigh completes nine projects in six expeditions

Raleigh completes nine projects in six expeditions


10 January 2003
Jaswinder Kaur

KOTA KINABALU, Jan 10: Raleigh International has completed nine community, environment and adventure projects in the first of six expeditions in Malaysia.
Staff and 134 venturers worked with partner organisations to complete the projects which ran for 10 weeks each in different locations in Sabah.

The community projects include installing a gravity feed water system in Balat, Kinabatangan, building a kindergarten in Kampung Kodos, Pitas, construction of a multi-purpose community hall in Kampung Narandang, Pitas, and building infrastructure for an eco-tourism programme in Batu Puteh, Kinabatangan.

Environmental projects completed by Raleigh International are the extension to a bird watching hide at the Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary and creating a firebreak at Pulau Gaya.

Environmental projects which will continue in the next expedition are putting in infrastructure for a research and tourism centre in Maliau Basin and the construction of facilities for researchers working on the Sabah Biodiversity Experiment in Danum Valley.

Through adventure projects, venturers were involved in researching the Sumatran Rhino population at the Tabin Wildlife Reserve and cutting a trail between Tikolod and Inobong at the Crocker Range.

Raleigh International Malaysia country director Andy Wahid who led the expedition, said venturers have made an impact on communities and protected areas.

" Through their hard work they have developed infrastructure, assisted in environmental conservation and improved the quality of life for people who live in remote areas.

" Motivation, commitment to each other, energy, spirit and a will to succeed have been common qualities amongst participants," Wahid said in his message in the Raleigh International Malaysia programme review for 2002.
According to the review, one factor which influenced the organisation to return to Malaysia after the last leg of expeditions in 1998, was due to support and encouragement from the Government.

Other factors are a wide range of community projects through which venturers could leave an impact and rainforest environment that provides understanding of the fragile eco-system.

Set up in 1984, UK-based Raleigh International provides a chance for venturers aged between 17 and 25 years to participate in challenging projects.

In Malaysia, it is co-operating with the Youth and Sports Ministry and the Rakan Muda programme to encourage Malaysians to participate as venturers.

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