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SOS Rhino : In the News : Consignment of fur, hides seized at Dubai airport

Consignment of fur, hides seized at Dubai airport
Feb 3, 2004

Consignment of fur, hides seized at Dubai airport Dubai, Feb. 3, 2004 (WAM)-- A consignment of fur and hides worth Dh10 million was impounded at Dubai International Airport. The contraband was being smuggled in violation of the country's strict laws and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Customs officials placed the shipment containing the fur and hides of endangered animals into quarantine. According to a report by the Dubai-based Gulf News today, the seizure was made possible with the strong cooperation between the Customs authorities, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Veterinary Quarantine Centre at the airport. Weighing more than a tonne, the shipment is one of the biggest seizures this year, said Sultan Murad Al Jokkar, Director Assistant of Customs Affairs. "The impounded materials are listed under CITES, as the UAE is signatory to this convention. Such materials are not allowed to enter the country," Al Jokkar said. The UAE is committed to all international conventions signed by it, and therefore live animals or any material listed under this convention will not be allowed to enter or leave the country, Al Jokkar confirmed. The team of officials involved in the operation will be honoured, he said. Earlier this month two shipments of ivory and rhinoceros horns were seized by officials. The shipment of ivory contained 50 pieces worth Dh500,000, while the consignment of rhinoceros horns weighed 80kg and was worth around Dh1 million. WAM/AZ 12 02 CCCCQQE