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SOS Rhino : In the News : Teenagers attacked by rhino at safari park

Teenagers attacked by rhino at safari park

  By staff reporter
Buck Free Press
February 6, 2004

A RHINO gave three teenagers the fright of their lives when it charged their car in a safari park.

Driver Mark Freeman,18, from Hog Lane, Ashley Green, was left with a horn shaped crack in his car's wheel after the three-ton female rammed the Vauxhall Corsa.

Mark had gone to Woburn Safari Park, in Bedfordshire, with friends Will Hinkly, 17, of Lye Green Road, Chesham, and Chris Thomas from Amersham on Saturday.

Mark, a student, said: "We were just driving around the park for a second time when we saw the rhino coming down the middle of the road. It seemed to get agitated and was quite jumpy by us driving.

"It walked round the car before shunting us. It lifted the car off the ground. I was really shocked, it happened so quickly. I looked around and saw a park ranger telling us to move on quickly.

"When we went we were just hoping the monkeys might jump on the car a little."

Will, an audio systems salesmen, managed to take a picture of the female white rhino attacking the car. He said: "The rhino just seemed to see red when it saw us. We thought it would have done more damage than it did to the car. The rhino seemed quite cross. Thankfully the ranger started waving his hands for us to move. When we did the rhino left us alone."

Mark has been left with a repair bill of around £500 as the car's wing was damaged but said he is hoping the safari park will pick up the bill.

The safari park said the rhino was moved to an enclosure as it became "agitated" at the sight of the car.

9:17am today