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SOS Rhino : In the News : Black rhinos go home to Addo

Black rhinos go home to Addo

  March 01, 2004, 10:28 PM

A rare pair of endangered black rhinoceros calves have been moved to the Addo Elephant Park from Pretoria, South African National Parks said today. Wanda Mmkutshulwa, a spokesperson, said the calves, known as Kapela and Thandi, were moved from the South African wildlife rehabilitation centre in Pretoria over the weekend. Mmkutshulwa said the rare sub-species diceros bicornis were hand-reared over a period of 10 months after each was abandoned by their mothers.

Kampala was born prematurely in the rhino bomas at the Kruger National Park, while Thandi was born at Addo. Their move was made possible by the International Fund Animal Welfare (IFAW), Wildcare Africa Trust and South African National Parks. Jason Bell-Leask, the spokesperson for IFAW, said: "This is the most fantastic news. It is a dream come true that these extremely rare and endangered species have been rehabilitated to the extent that they will eventually be released back into the wild to breed and to begin their lives as wild."

He said it was additionally pleasing that SANParks had chosen Addo as the rhinoceroses' new home. He added that IFAW had a long and cordial relationship with Addo. "Part of a US$2.5 million donated by us to SANParks was used to extend habitat there." Accompanying the rhinoceroses was Karen Trendler, Wildcare's world-renowned wildlife expert, who had cared for the animals since April and May 2003. "We're going to miss them but this is truly the happiest outcome we could have."