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SOS Rhino : In the News : Rhino really on the ball

Rhino really on the ball


Fairfax Community Newspapers
4 March 2003

Open Range Zoo's male rhinoceros Kapumba has some smelly new toys to play with.

Last Friday, as part of the zoo's animal enrichment program, the six-year-old rhino was presented with bowling balls donated by Werribee Super Bowl.

The ball are being used as containers for smells which Kapumba would naturally be surrounded with in the wild.
Rhino keeper Brooke Squires said: "We are trying to provide Kapumba with as normal an environment as possible.

"The balls have grass, faeces and leaves such as peppermint packed into the finger grip holes. He seems to be really fascinated with the new smells."

Kapumba is one of three male bulls at the zoo and is kept in his own private enclosure.

"We keep them separated because rhinos are very territorial. By providing Kapumba with the balls, he is able to experience smells that he otherwise wouldn't on his own," Ms Squires said.

Promotions manager at Werribee Superbowl Sebastien Wattelet said that the bowling facility staff were delighted to have been of assistance.

"A few of the balls we donated were ones discarded by the public.

"Others were fairly new."

Mr Wattelet said it was "great" seeing Kapumba enjoying his new play things.

"We'll have to see if we can get Kapumba joined up in one of the bowling leagues - although, he might have some trouble getting his fingers into the grips."



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