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SOS Rhino : In the News : Special solarium built for rhinos

Special solarium built for rhinos
BBC News
Friday, 4 March, 2005, 17:47 GMT

An Essex firm which manufactures equine sunbeds has created a special solarium for two Dutch rhinos.

Kylix, which has a UK base in Newport, usually makes solariums for racehorses, but has built a longer version for the rhinos from Emmen Zoo.

A spokesman for Kylix said: "The zoo approached us because the mud pool their rhinos use to wallow in was too cold in the winter.

"It meant that the animals were not getting enough heat on their skin."

The spokesman added: "They wanted us to help and we've built a large solarium in which the rhinos can warm themselves and give their skin the attention it needs.

"Racehorses use solariums all the time to warm their muscles before exercise and building equine solariums is what we specialise in.

"But we've never been asked to build one for a rhinoceros before. The engineering was quite a challenge."

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