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SOS Rhino : In the News : Protests over new rhino enclosure

Protests over new rhino enclosure

  Mar 5, 2005, 08:22

Express & Star, UK

Plans for a new home for the rhinos at the West Midland Safari Park have sparked objections from neighbours who say they are surrounded on three sides by animals.

Neighbours say the proposed 15ft high rhino enclosure follows a tiger enclosure which was given planning approval last year.

They say cars queue to drive through enclosures near homes and they constantly hear horns blowing.

Neighbour Mike Insull, in a letter to Wyre Forest District Council, said: "The traffic will be stacked along the top of our properties.

"The tiger enclosure is alongside the property and now on the third side we will have the rhino enclosure."

Another objector Bill Pinner said: "Our concern is that they do complete jobs then apply for retrospective planning permission. We had this with the tigers 15 feet from our fence and we do not want it to happen with this."

Bewdley Town Council has also complained. In a leter to the district council it says: "Work on the present application has already been done demonstrating a complete disregard for for planning legislation."

Bob Lawrence, head warden at the Safari Park, defended the plans and said: "There have been dangerous animals on three sides of these properties since 1973.

He encouraged residents to contact the safari park if they had any worries.

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