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SOS Rhino : In the News : Kaziranga steps up patrolling to save one horned Rhino

Kaziranga steps up patrolling to save one horned Rhino

  Kaziranga Park, Apr 4 : Authorities of Kaziranga National Park in Assam have formulated a strategy to check the poaching of one-horned Rhino. Forest guards have been reinforced and local villagers are being inculcated to save rhinocerous in their last habitat.

Ranjan Kumar Das, Divisional Forest officer, Kaziranga, said they are now able to effectively patrol every stretch of the reserve.

"We are having 125 number of camps inside the national park, all are equipped with arms, rifles, shotguns. In few camps we are able to provide elephants. Patrolling we carry out on foot and on elephant back, these are the ways by which we cover every square inch of our national park," said Das.

Das added that with these efforts there has been a marked decline in the number of poaching incidents from 48 in 1992 to 2 in 2003. Sunil Mondal, a resident of Kuthari village, said villagers are now aware of the conservation needs and their role in it.

"The villagers were not aware of the fact that just like dinosaur, the rhinos are also becoming extinct. Due to the forest department's initiative we came to know of the importance. Now whenver we get any information of a poacher then we deliever it to them," said Mondal.

Situated about 217 kilometres from main Guwahati, the park is open to tourists from October to May and remains closed during the rainy season.

Around 1,700 one-horned rhinoceros of their total world population of 2,300 inhabit the Kaziranga park. The park is also home to a large number of other animals like deer, bison, tiger, bear and endangered Asian elephants.

The National Park was declared as a World Heritage Property by the United Nations Convention for protection of World Culture and Natural Heritage in 1985. (ANI)