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SOS Rhino : In the News : Black Rhino comeback

Black Rhino comeback

Western Plains NSW

Thursday, 12 May  2005 

Presenter: Andrew Dunkley

After ten years of trying the Black Rhino Breeding Program at Western Plains Zoo seems to be succeeding more often.

The program has been running for 10 years now and boasts ten babies, most of them born in the last few years.

The experts are still trying to iron out a few bugs as they learn more about these amazing creatures. For example, it seems that captive breeding of Black Rhinos tends to produce mostly male offspring so work is being undertaken to find out why.

There's further good news for the Rhino in the wild. While the Zimbabwe Rhinos are still facing significant losses from poachers, the rest of Africa is actually seeing numbers increase as conservation efforts take hold.

Ten years ago the Black Rhino was all but written off in the wild but things are starting to turn around for one of natures most incredible animals.

Roger Brogan is a Keeper/Supervisor at the African Section of Western Plains Zoo...hear what he has to say about Black Rhinos by clicking on the link below

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