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SOS Rhino : In the News : SEF draws attention of invasion of Chitwan Park by wild weed

SEF draws attention of invasion of Chitwan Park by wild weed


03 Jun 2007

Concerned by the invasion of wild climber weed called Mikania micrantha or banmara lahara, the Save the Environment Foundation (SEF) has drawn attention of local authorities and international conservationists "to act immediately towards elimination of this killer weed."

Speaking at a press meet, Sunday, organised on the eve of World Environment Day, executive chairperson of SEF Chanda Rana said that the wild weed has been invading the flora community of the Chitwan National Park.

She expressed alarm that one of the world's worst weed is risking the whole ecosystem of the Chitwan National Park area endangering the very survival of entire floral and faunal community. "If immediate action is not taken to control this weed or climber, Chitwan National Park which stands today as a successful testimony of nature conservation in South Asia may collapse tomorrow," Rana warned. This national park is home to the rare one-horned rhinoceros, apart from Bengal tigers and many more flora and fauna.


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