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SOS Rhino : In the News : Javanese wild oxen following tiger, rhino out

Javanese wild oxen following tiger, rhino out

  Borneo Bulletin
June 8, 2004

JAKARTA (dpa) - Java's wild oxen, or "Bos Javanicus D'alton", is heading for extinction because of rampant poaching and encroachment of the bovines' natural habitat, media reports said Saturday.

Java, Indonesia's most populous island with an estimated 160 million people, has already lost a handful of sub-species of large mammals, such as the Javanese tiger and the Javanese rhino, neither of which have been spotted in the wild for decades.

Andi Iskandar, coordinator of the Indonesian Bio-Diversity Conservation group, told The Jakarta Post that there were less than 260 wild oxen remaining in East Java.

The species is also native to Borneo, Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) although its numbers are also dwindling there.

Iskandar blamed the rapid decline in Java's wild oxen population, a protected species, primarily on illegal poaching in national parks, which claims at least three oxen per month.

The oxen meat sells for about US$1.60 per kilogramme and the head can be sold as a trophy to collectors, he said.

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