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SOS Rhino : In the News : Archived News : June 2001 : African, Mozambican police arrest 8 poachers

African, Mozambican police arrest 8 poachers

Xinhua News Agency
June 14, 2001

MAPUTO - The Mozambican police Thursday confirmed the arrest of Mozambican poachers on Monday as part of joint efforts between the Mozambican and South African police forces to strike the poaching activities along their common borders.

Eight men were arrested in the Corumana area, some 80 kilometers north of Maputo, on charges of poaching.

According to Radio Mozambique, the South African police entered Mozambique Monday night and seized the alleged poachers, whom they then took into South Africa, without the knowledge or consent of the Mozambican police.

However, this was denied by a spokesman of the South African High Commission, who said the operation was conducted jointly and the Mozambican police made the arrests.

On Thursday, Joao Machava, spokesperson for the Maputo province police command, confirmed the South African version of events, adding that rhinoceros horns, two guns and ammunition were confiscated from the eight poachers.

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