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SOS Rhino : In the News : Rare Rhino Calls LA Zoo Home

Rare Rhino Calls LA Zoo Home


LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Zoo has a new resident, an extremely rare Sumatran rhinoceros named Andalas.

The 21 month-old rhino, first of his species born in a zoo since 1889, arrived via cargo plane Friday from his previous home at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, according to the Los Angeles Zoo.

Andalas, which is the former name of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, will go on public display following a state-mandated, 30-day quarantine period, said the zoo's Lora LaMarca.

The rhino weighs slightly more than 1,100 pounds and is expected to reach about 1,800 pounds, said LaMarca.

The Los Angeles Zoo is one of three in the country, the others are Cincinnati and the Bronx, to house a Sumatran rhino, the smallest and hairiest of the five rhino species and the most endangered.

Authorities say there are 13 such rhinos in zoos and about 300 left in the wild.

The animals have a reddish-brown coat covered sparsely with long hair. They are solitary animals and only join each other for breeding.

" At his age, Andalas would be on his own in the wild," according to the zoo. "The move was ... necessary because his mother, Emi, is pregnant again and space is needed for her second calf."

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