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SOS Rhino : In the News : Rhinoceros Fossils Unearthed In Kirikkale

Rhinoceros Fossils Unearthed In Kirikkale

  KIRIKKALE - A team of scientists unearthed in the central Anatolian city of Kirikkale, fossils of Baluchitherium, a kind of gigantic hornless rhinoceros lived in Asia some 25 million years ago, .

Turkey is the fifth country besides Pakistan, Kazakhstan, the People's Republic of China and Mongolia in which Baluchitherium fossils were found.

The fossils belonged to a male, female and a six-month-old baby rhinoceros.

Baluchitherium is believed to have been the largest land mammal ever to have lived. They went extinct 10 million years ago.

It stood 8 meter high at the shoulders and was 12 meter long. Its skull was about 2 meter in length, its limbs were long and massive, and it weighed about 20 tons. It was a herbivore that stripped leaves from trees with its down-pointing, tusk-like upper teeth that occluded forward-pointing lower teeth.

Baluchitherium means ''beast from Baluchistan'' in Pakistan, where the first fossils were discovered.

The fossils will be displayed at Ankara's Natural History Museum.  

Published: 7/5/2006 The Anatolian Times

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