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SOS Rhino : In the News : 7m-year-old rhino skeleton found

7m-year-old rhino skeleton found

  From our correspondent
Khaleej Times Online

14 July 2005

LAHORE — A research team of Abu Bakr Fossil Display and Research Centre of the Punjab University, Zoology Department has claimed to have discovered seven-million-year-old skeleton of rhinoceros from Dina, Jhelum.

The team was on its way to Dina to study sedimentary rocks and fossils collection. The team was headed by Prof Dr Mohammad Akhtar, (Chairman, Department of Zoology) with the colleagues, Dr Akhtar said that the discovered skeleton comprises mandibular ramii (lower jaw), belongs to a rhinoceros of gigantic size with hypsodont teeth and his relatives have been discovered lately from Bugti Hills of Balochistan by French team. The discovered skeleton is being referred to Aceratherium which were horn less and had large tusk-like incisors like early Elephants.

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