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SOS Rhino : In the News : Youth against poachers

Youth against poachers

  Chitwan youth fight back to protect rhinos and tigers


Nepal Times
From Issue #307 (21 July 06 - 27 July 06) |

The numbers tell a sad story. Chitwan National Park’s population of one-horned rhinos has dropped from 544 in 2000 to only 372 today.

The 2005 rhino count found that 94 animals were lost to poaching while 66 died of natural causes such as fighting, predation, and age. “One of the major reasons why the number declined sharply is the state of the country,” says Dr Shant Raj Jnawali, chief of monitoring evaluation and planning at the King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation (KMTNC).

For example, the number of anti-poaching posts in Chitwan fell from 32 to eight during the conflict. “Maoist attacks on the army posts moved the soldiers to headquarters instead, which gave poachers a good opportunity to be active,” adds Jnawali.

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