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SOS Rhino : In the News : Rhinos Moved to New Habitat for Breeding

Rhinos Moved to New Habitat for Breeding

  The Nation (Nairobi)
July 28, 2004
Posted to the web July 28, 2004

Nation Correspondent

Ten black rhinos are being moved from Lake Nakuru National Park to Laikipia's Mugi ranch.

By yesterday, a Kenya Wildlife Service team, led by operations manager Martin Mulama, had captured two - a female named Kyela and its calf Labban.

This, he explained, was part of a process of replenishing Mugi - established as a breeding site for the species - to harbour 55 black rhinos.

The Lake Nakuru rhino sanctuary, established in 1986, is now home to more than 65 black and 50 white rhinos.

Mr Mulama said the park was meeting its breeding objectives, adding that other ranches would be established soon.

Of the rhinos still to be moved to Mugi, six will come from Nairobi and two from ol-Jogi ranch in the project's first phase.

Meanwhile, all areas with a high incidence of wildlife-human conflict have been placed on high alert. In a statement, KWS director Evans Mukolwe said communication had been boosted at all conflict points.

Wardens had been instructed to promptly respond to distress calls. The wardens, he said, "have standing orders to trap, drive away, relocate or, in extreme cases, gun down rogue wildlife."

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