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SOS Rhino : In the News : Bid to end endangered species trade

Bid to end endangered species trade

  Tuesday 02 August 2005
Green Consumer

The government is aiming to restrict – and in some cases ban – the keeping of endangered species and related items in the UK, with a series of new proposals unveiled this week.

"We want to do everything in our power to protect endangered species in their natural environments. Some of the world's most endangered species - like primates, birds, and rare plant species - are at great risk from the illegal live trade," said Biodiversity Minister Jim Knight, announcing the proposals.

The proposals include the prohibition of keeping CITES specimens that have been acquired unlawfully and an obligation that the Secretary of State is notified of specimens being kept that are considered to be greatest risk of illegal or unsustainable trade. Specific measures recommended in the proposals include the banning of all dead tiger specimens, unlicensed rhino horns and bear paws.

"An important part of stopping the illegal trade in endangered species specimens is stopping the demand - both for live animals and plants and for specimens and products," added Mr Knight.

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