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SOS Rhino : In the News : One more rhino killed in Chitwan

One more rhino killed in Chitwan

  By Prabhakar Ghimire

CHITWAN, Aug 16 - One more rhino has fallen prey to poaching in the Chitwan National Park.

The rhino which was seriously injured in firing by poachers two weeks ago died on Tuesday, officials at the forest guards training centre at Tikauli said.

Poachers had shot the eight-year-old rhino in the stomach twice in an attempt to kill it, the officials added.

The forest officials were guarding the injured rhino at Tikauli before it succumbed to its injuries last night.

This is the fifth rhino, including a baby rhino poachers have killed in the national park this month.

According to wildlife authorities, the number of rhinoceros in Nepal, home to a quarter of South Asia's rhino population, has declined in recent years, due mainly to poaching.

The latest official count of the rhinos in 2006 has shown the number dropped drastically to fewer than 400 from nearly 600 animals in 2000.

Posted on: 2006-08-16 02:17:26 (Server Time)

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