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SOS Rhino : In the News : Archived News : September 2001 : White Rhinos arrive in the United States

White Rhinos arrive in the United States

By Peter Morrison
September 14, 2001

Eight (2 males & 6 females) more southern white rhino recently arrived in the United States from South Africa as part of the cooperative program between the South African National Parks (SANP) and the Southern White Rhino SSP and the Australasian ASMP for conservation of this subspecies of rhino.

This program entails two major components: funds from the zoos for support of in situ rhino conservation in South Africa; additional founders to reinforce the captive populations as part of the conservation strategy by providing an ultimate back-up to efforts to conserve the species in the wild.

Over the last 4 years, US$ 800,000 has been provided to in situ rhino conservation and a total of 24 southern white rhino have moved to the United States for the SSP and another 19 have moved or are moving to Australasia (Australia and New Zealand) under this program. The International Rhino Foundation has facilitated this program. The transport of the rhinos to the United States was coordinated by Mike Foley of Global Animal Transport.

Peter Morrison
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