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SOS Rhino : In the News : Film-makers turning to Sabah

Film-makers turning to Sabah

  The Star online
October 19, 2003

KOTA KINABALU: More film-makers are turning to Sabah's natural assets such as Mount Kinabalu and its jungles and rivers as the backdrop for their work.

Two telemovies filmed entirely in the state have been released on video compact disc over the past three months and a third movie is in the works.

The latest movie, titled Cinta Kinabalu, features renowned comedians Mr Os, Yassin, Hamdan, Ilya of Aku Kaya and the daughter of rock singer Amy, Nabila Huda Suhaimi.

Various Sabah actors including Abu Bakar Ellah and Ramli Salleh would also be featured in the movie produced by Ability Technologies Sdn Bhd.

Movie director Tony Francis Gitom said he hoped Cinta Kinabalu would be a box office hit and also popularise Sabah's tourism assets as well as its wildlife such as the orang-utan and rhinoceros.

He said this at a ceremony officiated by former state minister Datuk Ayub Aman here yesterday to mark the start of filming of the movie.

The movieÍs plot centres around Zahari, a Kuala Lumpur tycoon, played by Mr Os who gets lost in the jungles of Sabah during an illegal hunting expedition.

A local man, Among, played by Abu Bakar, rescues Zahari who loses his memory due to a head injury.

Ten years later, ZahariÍs business partner discovers that he is still alive and hires a killer to eliminate him.

Despite the plot, Gitom said that the movie, which would be released by next January, could be described as a comedy thriller with elements of love conflict thrown in for good measure.

Among the locations where the movie would be filmed is the Sepilok forest reserve next to the orang-utan rehabilitation centre, the east coast Lahad Datu district, oil palm plantations and the city.

"We also hope this movie will make people think about the precarious situation our wildlife is facing," Gitom said.