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SOS Rhino : In the News : Baby rhino brings cheer to Patna Zoo visitors

Baby rhino brings cheer to Patna Zoo visitors

  Posted on 16 Nov 2005 # ANI

Patna : The birth of a healthy male baby rhino at the Patna Zoo has brought a lot of cheer in the lives of both the zoo authorities and its visitors.

The one-horned baby rhino weighs about 40 kilograms and is in good health, zoo authorities said, adding that the total rhino population of the zoo has now gone up to nine.

gIt is a matter of great happiness that a new baby rhino has born which takes the taking the rhino population to nine, which is the highest in any zoo in India. We have got International recognition for successful breeding of the rhino and with his birth we have again proved ourselves. We all are very happy,h says Rakesh Kumar, Director, Patna Zoo.

At present there are three females and six males, including the newly born.

The Indian rhino has a single horn that is usually 53 cm long and has skin with loose folds which makes it appear armoured. It is one of the rarest mammals in the world today.

In America, the rhinos became extinct long ago, and are almost on the verge of extinction in other parts of the world. But there are still five species remaining: two in Africa and three in Asia.

They are the largest land mammals after the elephant and weigh from 1,800 to 3,600 kg.

The Indian rhino has been recorded from a number of habitats, including marshy lowlands. This rhino survives on grass, reeds and twigs, feeding mostly in the morning and evening. It is usually solitary and spends long periods lying in water and wallowing in mud.

The continued loss of habitat and poaching has made conservation efforts essential for the animalfs survival.

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