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Phoenix Zoo's White Rhino Euthanized

  By Associated Press
November 22, 2002, 10:34 AM EST

PHOENIX -- One of the oldest white rhinos in captivity was euthanized months after being diagnosed with cancer at the Phoenix Zoo.

Khetla, a 41-year-old, 4,000-pound male white rhinoceros, had cancer of the connective tissues called myxosarcoma and was euthanized Wednesday, zoo officials said.

Zookeepers discovered the cancer on Khetla's leg in March and began administering aggressive chemotherapy to the sore.

Khetla was brought to the zoo in 1963 and fathered four rhinos there.

A white rhinoceros typically lives for about 30 years in the wild. It is classified as a threatened species because it has been hunted for years for its prized horn.

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