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SOS Rhino : In the News : Rhino poaching on the rise

Rhino poaching on the rise
Dec 06 06

Two days after the Supreme Court (SC) instructed the government to provide adequate security in Chitwan National Park to check the growing incidents of poaching of one-horned rhinos, poachers have critically injured a rhino on Tuesday in Bhimbali community forest in Padampur of eastern Chitwan.

The rhino has sustained bullet injuries in leg and neck and its chances for survival is said to be quite low.

Reports say that in the past two years alone, 37 one-horned rhinos have been killed by the poachers while ten died of natural causes during the same period. The latest rhino census conducted two years ago showed there were 372 rhinos in Chitwan. These apart there are just around three dozen rhinos in Bardiya National Park.

Given the alarming rise of poaching, the apex court bench comprising judges Tapa Bahadur Magar and Pawan Kumar Ojha had, on Sunday, ordered the government to save them.

According to estimates by various conservation NGOs, the number of Rhinoceros Unicornis has dropped by 31 percent in last five years. If this situation continues, rhinos could become extinct within ten years.

The government had reduced number of check posts within the park from 36 to 8 due to growing insecurity caused by Maoist insurgency. The apex court has asked the government to increase the number of check posts to the same level if possible.

The one-horned rhinos are prime attractions of the Chitwan National Park. Poachers kill it for its horn, which fetch high amount money in international market.

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