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Poachers kill 25 rhinos in Nepalese park

  December 08 2002 at 04:02PM

Kathmandu - Poachers have killed 25 rhinos in a Nepalese wildlife reserve in the past six months, officials said on Sunday.

The Royal Chitwan National Park has lost a total of 35 rhinos in the period with the rest dying in attacks from tigers or other rhinos or from natural causes, they said.

Among the dead were 18 males and five females while the sex of the others could not be determined.

Chitwan is home to around 600 one-horned rhinos, which is an endangered species.

Earlier this year officials said rhino-killings by poachers were likely to increase because army guards at the main national park have been redeployed to fight Maoist rebels.

More than 7 300 people have been killed since the Maoists began their fight for a communist republic in Nepal in 1996.



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