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SOS Rhino : In the News : Lights from Ferris Wheel Could Kill Rhinos' Love Life

Lights from Ferris Wheel Could Kill Rhinos' Love Life

  GERMANY | 13.12.2006  

Rhinos in Berlin's zoological garden could be put off their stride if plans for a huge ferris wheel go ahead. Lights from the illuminated structure could upset an important breeding scheme, say campaigners.

Animal rights activists in Berlin have launched a campaign to stop controversial plans to put up a giant Ferris wheel in the German capital because they say it would disturb the sex lives of rhinos in a nearby zoo.  

Investors have unveiled a 120-million-euro plan to erect a 175-meter high wheel close to the zoo in the western part of the city, hoping to attract millions of visitors. But Berlin's animal protection association is worried that light from the wheel might endanger an important rhinoceros breeding program.


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