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SOS Rhino : In the News : Bronx Zoo's Rapunzel dies

Bronx Zoo's Rapunzel dies

  New York Daily News

Dec 24, 2005

Rapunzel, the Bronx zoo's rare rhino and a favorite among zoo workers and visitors, has died, officials said yesterday.

The 1,200-pound Sumatran or hairy rhino, who was rescued from a vanishing Sumatran rainforest and brought here 15 years ago, is a member of one of the planet's most endangered species. Only three others are left in U.S. zoos and about 300 are believed to be in scattered herds in Southeast Asia.

Zoo officials said Rapunzel, in her mid-30s, had difficulty moving and had labored breathing earlier this week. As her condition and discomfort worsened, they decided it was time that she be "humanely euthanized."

"She was clearly a favorite of our keepers, and I think of our visitors," said the zoo's curator of mammals.

Bob Kappstatter

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