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  SOS Rhino : In The News : Newsletter : March 2001

SOS Rhino Review

March, 2001

Welcome to this edition of SOS Rhino Review, a monthly newsletter about rhinos from SOS Rhino. You'll find links to interesting articles here . . . as well as a few surprises! We know that as donors, you'll want to read all about our efforts to save rhinos all over the world. If you'd rather not receive this newsletter, simply reply to this e-mail and type "Unsubscribe" in the subject field.

And now, let's go to the rhino news.
1. World Rhino News
2. Feature Stories
3. What's New on Our Web Site!
4. Trivia
5. Act Now!

Full Stories Are Available Via Web Links

1. World Rhino News

CINCINNATI - Emi, the Cincinnati Zoo's Sumatran rhinoceros, is pregnant and zoo keepers think after five miscarriages she will carry this baby full term. It would be the first Sumatran bred and born in captivity since 1889, in Calcutta . . .

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CAMEROON - An armed guard is to be assigned around the clock to each one of the Western black rhinoceroses left in Cameroon, in west Africa, where the entire world population has fallen to less than 15 as a result of poaching . . .

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2. Feature Stories

SOS Rhino Sponsors Trip to Borneo

Visit Borneo . . . save a Rhino! In April, you have a chance to show you care about our endangered friends by visiting them in lush Malaysia. Join us by clicking right HERE!

SOS Rhino Vies to Save Sumatran Rhino

The Sumatran rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis), the smallest and hairiest of the five rhino species, is a shy animal desperately in need of help.

Zoo Atlanta Erects a Rhino Chute

With help from Dr. Nan Schaffer, Zoo Atlanta now has a place to hold a rhino while a keeper works with it. Latest news can be obtained right HERE!

3. What's New on Our Web Site!

Go to for the latest developments in our fight to save the rhinoceros from extinction.

Ever wonder where in the USA you can find an Eastern Black rhinoceros? Simply click on over to our Rhino Map and find the zoos where you can see one!

Watch a video about saving rhinos! Our site now features streaming video. Turn to our Videos page for some award-winning videos.

4. Trivia

Q. What is a group of rhinos called?
A. A crash.

Q. What animal is the rhino closely related to?
A. The horse.

Q. Do rhinos have hooves or toes?
A. Toes.

5. Act Now!

There are only 300 Sumatran rhinos left on Earth. Without direct help from generous humans, they may never be seen again. We urge you to give what you can in the form of a donation, or purchase one of SOS Rhino's products: a T-shirt, a video, even cookies!

Visit today, and give from your heart.


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