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SOS Rhino Review
December 2001

Welcome to the SOS Rhino Review, a monthly newsletter about rhinos from SOS Rhino. You'll find links to interesting articles here . . . as well as a few surprises! We have provided some updates on our efforts to save rhinos all over the world. If you'd rather not receive this newsletter, simply reply to
this e-mail and type "Unsubscribe" in the subject field.

And now, let's go to the rhino news.

1. World Rhino News
2. Feature Stories
3. What's New on Our Web Site!
4. Trivia Questions
5. How You Can Help
6. Trivia Answers

Full Stories Are Available Via Web Links

1. World Rhino News

NAMIBIA - Mannetjie Ganaseb is probably the only person in Namibia who can
claim to have been trapped underneath a wild, black rhino and lived to tell
the tale ...


2. Feature Stories

Sumatran rhino miracle baby born at Cincinnati Zoo

On September 13th, a baby Boy rhino was the first Sumatran born in captivity in a 112 years and the first ever in the U.S. Read more and watch the birth. . .

SOS RHINO and WWF collaborate to save rhinos

SOS Rhino and WWF Malaysia agreed to collaborate in working toward the common goal of wildlife conservation in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

Zoo Negara and Malaysian Government Support SOS RHINO Awareness Campaigns

SOS RHINO is working to educate the public about the Sumatran rhino. The program includes reaching the public through special exhibits at Zoo Negara.

Go to to learn more about SOS RHINO's awareness efforts.

3. What's New on Our Web Site!

Visit our new and improved web site: Everything RHINO!
Our web site contains "all things rhino", from answers to the most frequently asked questions, to ongoing research and survey projects, to rhinos making the news……..

Go to for the latest developments in our fight to save the rhinoceros from extinction.

Ever wonder where in the USA you can find an eastern black rhinoceros? Simply click on over to our Rhino Locator Map at and find the zoos where you can see one!

Watch a video about saving rhinos! Our site now features streaming video. Turn to for some award-winning videos.

4. Trivia Questions

1. True or False: The Sumatran rhino is a "browser".

2. Rhino horn is made of what material?

3. Black and White rhinos are found on what continent?

5. How You Can Help

There are only 300 Sumatran rhinos left on Earth. Without direct help from generous humans, they may never be seen again. We urge you to give what you can in the form of a donation, or purchase one of SOS Rhino's products: a
T-shirt, a video, even cookies! Visit today, and give from your heart.

6. Trivia Answers

1. True. Sumatran rhinos have a prehensile upper lip for grasping leaves and twigs from tree branches and shrubs.

2. Rhino horn is made of keratin, like our fingernails.

3. Africa.


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