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SOS Rhino has developed several media components to expand awareness and education of the plight of the Sumatran rhino in Malaysia. As one of the the least known animals, the Sumatran rhino needs the support and recognition from it's local citizens.


We completed a series of public service announcements (PSA's) that have gained the support of the ASTRA Network in Southeast Asia.

In addition Discover Channel's animal planet has created and aired a segment with the Singapore Zoo and SOS Rhino. Learn More...

SOS Rhino in the US has developed and aired several PSA's to introduce the Sumatran rhino to the public. These have aired on the Hallmark Entertainment network and are well received.

Sumatran rhino Mobile Zoo Exhibit.

SOS Rhino is working to educate the public about the Sumatran rhino. The collaboration with zoos in Malaysia and Singapore consists of an awareness program of reaching the public through special exhibits at these zoos. The goal is to raise funds to help support Sumatran rhino conservation programs in Malaysia.

Zoo Negara; Kuala Lumpur, Peninsular Malaysia

Taiping Zoo : Penang, Peninsular Malaysia

Singapore Zoo, Singapore


In coordination with the Black Rhino Foundation, SOS Rhino has been involved with many events including:

1996- Rockin' for Rhinos: - Park West

1997- An Evening with Anna Merz, Chicago

1998 - Rockin' for Rhinos: Sister Hazel Concert, House of Blues, Chicago

Connecticut School fundraiser

Bowling for Rhinos

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