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Ex Situ/Sepilok

The ex-situ component of SOS Rhino’s Borneo Project is dedicated to the successful breeding, management/ husbandry, and health evaluation of the Bornean subspecies of Sumatran rhino in captivity at Sepilok, Sabah, Borneo. Sepilok rhino center houses the last pair of captive Sumatran rhinos in Sabah -- Gelogub and Tanjung. At one time, Sepilok was at the forefront of Sumatran rhino breeding. Its success has opened the door to successful breeding activities in other Sumatran rhino facilities.

The SOS Rhino Team’s work at Sepilok involves assessing the reproductive integrity of both the male and female rhinos. New tools including hormone analysis and ultrasound are proving to be very useful to help determine estrus and monitor pregnancies.

Team members based at Sepilok have established the progesterone and estradiol profiles and the male is assessed for viable spermatozoa. This data matched with the keeper and research assistants’ daily rhino behavior observations, provide evidence for the appropriate times for introducing animals for breeding.

SOS Rhino is fully committed to assist the Sabah Wildlife Department to successfully breed the rhinos housed at Sepilok. The staff is responsible for collecting blood for hormone levels, ultrasound of the reproductive system and maintaining the health of the animals.

Much of the Sumatran rhinocero's biology, nutrition and natural history is still a mystery. All data collected is vital to the successful conservation of this species.

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