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SOS Rhino : Borneo : In Situ/Tabin Survey

In Situ/Tabin Survey


The in-situ component of SOS Rhino’s Borneo Project is dedicated to evaluating the Bornean subspecies of the Sumatran rhino in their remaining habitat in the wild. SOS Rhino Team members are undertaking very intensive work at Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Sabah, Borneo -- an area suspected to have the largest remaining population of these highly endangered animals.

In order to understand the demographics, behavior, and nutrition of this rhino species, team members collect survey data using GPS integrated PDA’s and customized data collection software.

Data such as rhino footprints have been found, photographed and cast in plaster. Also the locations of food sources, mud wallows and salt licks are noted.

All of this data is critical to the rhinos distribution and status. Population demographics will be key when making further wildlife management decisions.

To ensure survival of this species, conservation efforts must combine community outreach programs with intense research and vigorous protection efforts. Accordingly, in Tabin Wildlife Reserve  SOS Rhino’s  Rhino Protection Units directly engage villagers and oil palm plantation owners and employees in the effort to protect the rhinos through SOS Rhino’s Community Outreach Program.



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