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Who takes part?
Anyone with a sense of adventure and a taste for the wild. The only condition is that you are over 18 and are fit enough for the challenge.

Am I fit enough?
You probably aren't yet, but almost everyone can prepare for the challenge in the space of 3-4 months given a little dedication. This challenge is targeted at people who have attained a good level of fitness and the pace of the challenge is suited to that level. The Borneo Rhino Challenge is a challenge, not a holiday, and so you will need to prepare yourself physically. If you have a medical condition which may affect your ability to complete the challenge you must consult your doctor. Details of recommended training levels and immunizations will be included in your information pack.

Will I have to carry my backpack?
Most of your baggage and any necessary camping equipment will be transferred each day by vehicle. All you will need to carry are the items required for the day's activities. If desired, you can hire a porter to carry your daypack during the Mt. Kinabalu trek. Porter costs are not covered in travel costs paid for the Challenge

Do I need specialist equipment?
You will need to provide basic items such as a back pack, sleeping bag, walking boots. Leech socks and "Kampung Addidas" are recommended for the Quest part of the Challenge and can be purchased upon arrival at SOS Rhino base camp. A mountain bike is optional for the cycling part of the challenge. If you choose not to bring your own bike, one can be rented while in Sabah.

Do I need insurance?
For the Borneo Rhino Challenge you are required to have comprehensive medical and accident insurance, along with evacuation insurance (helicopter evacuation and medical repatriation). You will be responsible for securing your policies and showing proof of coverage at least one month prior to departure. Click here for suggestions on where to obtain evacuation insurance.

Are there any hidden costs involved?
In addition to sponsorship requirements and travel costs, participants are responsible for the cost of any required immunizations, airport departure taxes, tips, drinks and meals on certain sections of the challenge. A visa is NOT required for those with a US passport.

Can I extend the trip?
We will provide you with trip options and contact information of a travel agent in Borneo so you can make your arrangements.

What does the sponsorship cover?
The sponsorship money goes directly to support our rhinoceros conservation and community outreach programs in the Malaysian State of Sabah on the island of Borneo (see "Project Support" section for detailed information).

All of SOS Rhino's administrative costs are covered by the registration fee.

What happens if I can't raise the sponsorship money?
We require you to pay 100% of the total sponsorship money at least two weeks before departure. If you feel you are unable to meet the sponsorship requirements, you may forfeit your place on the Borneo Rhino Challenge 2006, with 6 WEEKS NOTICE, unless you can make up the difference yourself. The $400 registration fee is non-refundable.

What does SOS Rhino do with its share of the money?
The funds raised from this challenge will be used to support SOS Rhino's efforts to save the Sumatran rhino of Borneo. Please see the "Project Support" section of the web site for detailed information. More information on SOS Rhino can be obtained from monthly newsletter updates or other information on request from the SOS Rhino office.


There are numerous ways of achieving and surpassing your sponsorship target and here are a few suggestions to get you started. Once we have received your registration form and fee we will forward your fundraising and information pack which will help you with this part of the challenge.

The target may seem initially daunting, but participants in other challenges typically raise more than the minimum sponsorship amount. You'll be surprised how simple it is if you are motivated and organized and if you follow the guidelines contained in your fundraising pack.

While you are waiting for your fundraising pack to arrive you should be planning your strategy for reaching your target. You should make inquiries with your main contacts (friends, family, employers, and colleagues) and find out how much they will sponsor you. You can then make a list of potential sponsors and work out how much each of them must donate in order for you to reach your target.

You could consider the following:

Friends and family
The most obvious starting point. You may be surprised how many friends and family members you have. Make the first sponsor a big one as evidence shows that subsequent donors will usually follow suit. Always have your forms with you as you never know when you'll meet a potential sponsor.

Your company
A potentially large source of funds and a great place to circulate your sponsorship forms or sell raffle tickets. Virtually all companies will give something to their employees and many have match-funding schemes which will match pound for pound what you raise as an individual. Ask all business contacts, clients and suppliers, as they will usually give something.

Fundraising events
There are many potential fundraising events for you to organize ­ the most common of which are parties, quiz nights, dinners and barbecues. These can be good fun for your sponsors and lucrative if well organized. We can provide you with electronic copies of our posters that you can download and print, and also a powerpoint presentation complete with script. These can be used to help potential donors/sponsors learn about the Sumatran rhino and SOS Rhino's efforts to save them.

Auctions or raffles
It is relatively easy to get people and organizations to donate prizes and when combined with an event they can be very effective.

These are just a few ideas to get you moving - you will receive a full fundraising pack after we have completed your registration. GOOD LUCK!

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