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May 10-22, 2006

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Borneo Rhino Challenge 2006
SOS RHINO invites you to climb to the summit of Mt. Kinabalu, cycle the Northern tip of Borneo, and help us search for the elusive Sumatran rhinoceros of Borneo. You'll see an astonishing variety of rare and endemic plants, primates, and birds during your trek and cycle in some of the most beautiful areas of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. As part of the challenge you will join SOS Rhino's field staff deep in the jungles of Tabin Wildlife Reserve, in search of the last remaining small, shy forest rhinos of Malaysian Borneo.

You'll have up to 20 team-mates from all over the world and support crews for the climb and cycle. There will be guides, rangers and medical and mechanical support close by at all times. Arrangements will be made in advance for overnight stays at hotels and resthouses. During the last part of the challenge you will spend one night in the jungle, sleeping on hammocks, during your quest for the rhinos of Borneo.

Participants must be fit , healthy, and prepared to work hard. Part of the challenge includes a trip to the internationally renowned Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center. There you will see orangutans, visit the tour center, and visit the only captive Bornean Sumatran rhino - a personal meeting with the rhinos you will be searching for in the reserve.

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