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Methods of semen collection in an ambulatory GOHR

(Great-one-horn rhino)

Project: Different semen collection methods were compared in a GOHR

Milwaukee County Zoo 

Indian rhino aka Greater one-horn Asian rhino, (Rhinoceros unicornis)
RUDY the greater-one-horn Asian rhinoceros

Rhinos involved:

Rudy, male
This 30 + year old animal had sired one offspring in 1967. After the death of his mate in 1975 he remained unpaired.

During Rudy's life at the Milwaukee County Zoo, over 90 cc's of male reproductive fluid has been collected and stored cryogenically. As artificial Insemination (AI) becomes a viable option, this genetic material may become invaluable in attempts to sustain the rhino populations. Collection techniques continue to be developed on other rhinoceroses.


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