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Pharmaceutical induction of ejaculation in a white rhinoceros


Project: Development of non-invasive methods for semen collection from the white rhinoceros

Henry Vilas Zoo

Southern White Rhinos, (Ceratotherium simum)

Rhinos involved:

Shaka "George", male
George was born in the wild in South Africa in 1968. He came to this country in 1975 and spent a brief time in "Ferndale" until he arrived at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin on July 6, 1976. He has been with Gracie eversince and they have never had offspring.

George was treated with drugs with effects similar to Viagra™. This was to:
1. Increase, or stimulate sexual desire
2. Determine whether he is still producing semen
3. Save his genetic material, since George has not contributed to the rhino community via an offspring.
On ultrasound with George, we expected to see semen in his urethra just behind the bladder as pictured below in another rhino (see dark area).


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