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"Encyclopedia of the Rhinoceros"



Dr. Kees Rookmaaker  


'Chapelgate', Dry Drayton


(A)Explicit Relevance All research programs start by identifying problem areas, which should be based on a knowledge of the pertinent literature and on personal experience. The literature on all aspects of rhinoceros biology has grown exponentially during the past ten years, making it increasingly difficult for any researcher to be aware of all aspects already studied.

(B) Objectives and Specific Aims The Encyclopaedia will be a compilation of the literature, which treats every subject of rhinoceros biology, culture and history in alphabetical order. The language will be English throughout. When possible, original tables and photographs will be used for illustrations. The Encyclopaedia will be a source of information for the biologists and specialists for whom it is primarily intended, as well as to the general public who can refer to the subjects of their interest. An electronic version will also be considered. The Encyclopaedia will be a summary of anything ever written on the rhinoceros.

(C) Research Design and Methods During the past thirty years I have been engaged in collecting references to the rhinoceros in the literature, including all subjects: scientific, cultural and historical. Over 5500 books, papers and short passages in books have been assembled and are currently available. Further library research and discussions will be completed during three study tours to Europe and Asia. While it is obvious that no single author can be an expert in every field, an Advisory Board consisting of the world's rhinoceros experts will be constituted to assist in each area of knowledge to guarantee that the facts are presented objectively and accurately.

(D) Relation to other programs The Encyclopaedia will be a tool for all other programs and research activities, as it brings together all existing knowledge on the five threatened species of rhinoceros.


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